Pre Order Shipping Status


What are Pre Orders and why do I want to purchase a Pre Order item?

Pre Orders are just what it sounds like - orders you place in advance for shipment later. This gives you a chance to do your shopping for popular items in advance without the worry of your favorite items selling out. 

If a Pre Order is listed to ship in November, it will ship anywhere between November 1st and November 30th. (Remember, if you add monogramming, you’ll need to add 2-3 weeks to that schedule to accommodate custom stitching.)

CLICK HERE to view the Pre Order Policy

Sales for Pre Order items is limited, so when the Pre Order closes the item will no longer be available for sale on our site. Once Pre Order sales end, we get busy manufacturing the order and get it shipped out to you based on the ship date listed for each individual the Pre Order. Our customers have LOVED this over the years and we know you all will too!

Please refrain from contacting us regarding Pre Orders until after the expected ship date for the Pre Order!