Sweet & Sassy with a Dash of Glitter....the in beTWEEN years!

Sweet & Sassy with a Dash of Glitter....the in beTWEEN years!

  If you are anything like me, you look around and realize that life flies by in the blink of an eye. This is mostly evident when I look at my own daughters. It seems like just yesterday I was rocking them to bed each night. Now I see beautiful, smart, God loving young ladies that have grown up way too fast for this momma. About a year ago I was sitting on the floor in my youngest daughter's closet looking up at the rows of smocked clothing that she would no longer wear. Then my eyes wandered down to the bottom row, filled with monogrammed dresses in every color of the rainbow...and slowly I realized....she didn't want to wear them anymore either. It was a sad moment for me to realize those adorable little outfits would just sit in her closet under the glittering lights of her chandelier only to be a reminder that my baby girl was not a baby anymore. 

  In that moment, I thought about what I have told my daughters all of these years, it's not what's on the outside that matters...it's whats on the inside. So why did I care so much about those smocked dresses? It wasn't really about the dresses...it was about letting go and moving on to the next phase of raising my daughter. I try to focus on the beauty of the inside and the unique personalities that God so carefully curated for each of my daughters before they were even born. Addison ( a.k.a Sassy Pants) was always my sassy one and Ava (a.k.a Fancy Pants) was always my fancy one. So what is a momma that owns a clothing company to do? Why not create a new clothing line that focuses on bringing out the inner beauty that God has created within all young ladies for when they hit the in beTWEEN years. 

  So in that moment, on the floor of my daughter's closet, I wiped away the tears and came up with our first shirt for our new Southern Tween clothing line. I knew what it would be...a shirt so soft that my daughter would want to wear it, a hem line that could work with leggings or jeans and a saying that with just a hint of shimmer would capture my own daughter's personality with the words "Sassy Pants"....don't worry...I also made a "Fancy Pants" one for sweet Ava! Over the last year our design team has worked with me on every aspect and detail of this new line. We wanted it to be sassy and sweet with a dash of glitter! We wanted it to empower young ladies so that their inner beauty will shine bright! 

  You won't find any crop tops or cut offs here....this in beTWEEN line is made with class and style that every Southern Tween will love and their mommas will too! It's filled with soft colors, perfect jeans, fun textures and a dash of glitter that perfectly captures the inner beauty of every young lady. We added fun accessories for all the fancy pants out there that love tassels, hats and sunglasses. We hope you and your daughters fall in love with it just as much as we have. 

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By Ashley Jernigan